How to connect to a virtual server in Public Cloud

1 min.

In order to connect to a virtual server you need to use a remote access client. We recommend you to use the free utility Putty. 

  1. Download Putty program and install it.
    Download Putty 32 bitt
    Download Putty 64 bitt

  2. Enter the server IP adress into the field "Host Name" (step -1), click on "Open" (step-2).


  3. To continue click on "Yes" into the opened dialog window (this message appears in order to make "Putty" remember the server or if the IP adress of the server is not similar to that previously remembered by Putty for the given server). 

  4. Enter the login "root", press the "Enter" key, enter the password (password entry will not be displayed), press the "Enter" key:

  5. Congratulations! You have just connected to the virtual server!

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