How to start using OpenMediaVault server

2 min.

The preinstalled version is already configured for a maximum quick start.

You can connect to server control panel http: // <ip>
Or connect via FTP ftp: // <ip> using the ftpuser username and password from the activation email. 
OpenMediaVault web interface will open 

If you installed OpenMediaVault manually, start with the following steps:

  • make sure that storage system is ready for use (the issues of configuring RAID, LVM, units, file systems are beyond the scope of this article) 

  • add an user 

  • create a folder and establish the access rights 

  • apply the changes 

  • try to connect directly via browser or via any ftp-client

For Unix/Linux OS you can start using the server immediately.

To create a network drive for Windows (SAMBA disk) you have to follow some simple steps.

How to create a SAMBA disk based on OpenMediaVault

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