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KVM virtualisation

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Together with the server you get

  • Dedicated IP address
  • 5 Tb of traffic
  • The choice of locating the server in one of nine data centres in the USA, Western Europe or Eastern Europe, Russia
  • Snapshots
    Your data security is our top priority

Cloud VPS with pre-installed images

  • Instant access to service

    Get your virtual server up and running with software installed in minutes.

  • Isolated environment

    Keep your project secure with virtual server isolation that prevents unauthorised access or interference from hosting neighbours.

  • Broad geography

    Keep your project secure with virtual server isolation that prevents unauthorised access or interference from hosting neighbours.

  • Data security

    The Ceph distributed network file system stores data simultaneously on multiple physical machines. Snapshots of all servers are stored in an alternate cluster, and your server is pre-configured for account backups.

  • Software customisation

    Customise server configuration and set up the software to your project.

  • Full root access

    Install and configure any software, optimise server settings, manage security and access to the server.

  • Reliable equipment

    Only the most reliable enterprise-class equipment. Supermicro servers, Intel Xeon Scalable processors, Juniper networking equipment.

  • Advanced solutions

    The KVM hypervisor provides efficient server virtualisation for high performance and stability. The Openstack virtualisation management system makes it easy to manage and configure VPSs.

Ready-to-use images of operating systems and solutions

Your server will be fully configured and up and running in less than a minute

  • Ubuntu

    24.04 LTS, 22.04 LTS, 21.04, 20.04 LTS

  • CentOS

    Stream 9, Stream 8, 8, 7

  • ownCloud

    10.4.0 Onlyoffice

  • Debian

    11,10, 9, Plesk

  • OpenMediaVault


  • FreePBX


  • mikrotik

    Cloud Router 4.1.30

  • Bitrix

    24 CRM, VM 7.3.0

  • OpenVPN

    Access Server 2.8.2

  • ISPmanager 6

    Lite, Pro, Host, Business

  • Alma Linux


  • Rocky Linux


VPS wide capabilities

Create a virtual server based on your image

If necessary, you can reboot, power on or off the server, connect to the console directly from your personal account
You have complete control over your servers and can easily replicate your preferred environment across multiple instances. You can also easily deploy and manage complex applications.

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Manage the server from your personal account

If necessary, you can reboot, power on or off the server, connect to the console directly from your personal account
Being able to perform these actions on your VPS from anywhere, at any time, gives you greater flexibility and control over your server.

How to manage VPS from your personal account

Easily scale your server

Increase your VPS resources with a few clicks to meet the growing needs of your project
Instead of migrating to a more powerful server, simply add more CPU, RAM or disk space and focus on your business goals. With easy scalability, you can quickly adjust your resources to handle traffic spikes or new features without downtime. Start small and grow with confidence, knowing your VPS will grow with your business.

How to upgrade VPS

24/7 monitoring and alerts

Connect your server or individual sites to the monitoring system and receive alerts by email or messenger
You can check site/server availability, keyword availability, presence of SSL certificate, availability of individual ports on the server.

How to set up monitoring

Additional hard drives for VPS

Add SSD or HDD drives to your servers
You can easily order additional network drives and connect them to your VPS, giving you the ability to store more data and run more applications.

How to map an additional disk

DDOS protection

Protect your VPS from DDOS attacks
Our integrated security systems provide a high level of protection against multiple threats. You can also connect additional L7 DDOS protection services to your server for added peace of mind.

Enable DDOS protection

Technical support

We offer a wide range of services as part of a one-off technical support package
We help you at every stage of your server usage - from resource planning and onboarding (installing and configuring software, transferring and launching projects, billing issues) to diagnosing and restoring servers and services, upgrading and expanding your projects.

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Comprehensive management

Let us look after your server so you can spend more time and resources on your business
Just tell us what you need and our team will take care of the technical part of your project. We provide professional server setup, 24/7 monitoring and timely system updates.

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Multi-server solutions

We can provide your business with a solution that combines the best of both worlds - the cost-effectiveness, scalability and flexibility of VPS servers with the performance of dedicated servers
Our team can set up private networks for VPS and dedicated servers and ensure uninterrupted communication between them. By using a hybrid infrastructure, you can ensure that your business can handle sudden spikes in traffic and maintain high levels of performance without compromising security or stability. In addition, we can design and configure the infrastructure to suit your specific business needs, ensuring you get the best return on your investment.

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Use 100% of VPS features

  • For business
  • Run business applications: mail servers, databases, CRM systems, etc.
  • Provide remote workers with remote access to corporate resources and applications.
  • Host e-commerce websites, providing a secure environment for online transactions and sensitive customer information.
  • Host a VPN service to encrypt network traffic and give remote employees and partners secure access to corporate resources.
  • Host streaming platforms for live video or recorded video content.
  • Organise video surveillance and store video archive.
  • Use your VPS as a Mikrotik or load balancer.
  • For development
  • Host development environments for projects by providing a dedicated environment for each project with its own resources and software.
  • Create a sandbox for application testing and development.
  • Test and debug code in a real-world environment, simulating a production environment for quality assurance.
  • РDeploy and host applications, providing a secure and dedicated environment for software.
  • Configure your CI/CD pipeline by automating the process of building, testing and deploying code.
  • Collaborate on projects with other team members by providing a common development and testing environment.
  • Host and protect applications and data by providing an isolated and secure development environment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What resources can I set up on a VPS?
The minimum virtual server available for ordering is 1 core, 1GB RAM and 20GB SSD hard drive. The maximum resources available for automatic ordering are 16 cores, 32 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD hard drive. If you need more resources, write or call our managers to prepare an individual order.
Does the VPS price include technical support?
We offer a wide range of technical support services - from onboarding projects for our servers to configuration, optimisation, diagnostics and data recovery. Some of these services are free. For a full list of technical support services, click here.
Can I install my own software on a VPS?
You can install any software on your virtual servers.
How do I find out what VPS resources are needed for my business?
If you don't know exactly how many resources you need, you can start with a minimal configuration and upgrade as you go. We can also provide you with a virtual server for testing purposes.

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