Public Cloud (IaaS)

Public Cloud (IaaS)

Easy access to resources (processors, memory, disk storage, IP addresses, network, etc.)
Instant online access with hourly billing - with Public Cloud the entire cloud infrastructure is at your disposal.
Public Cloud (IaaS) is a cloud service from Foxcloud that allows you to access computing resources quickly without complex settings and start your servers, set your networks and start quickly to use cloud technologies for both developers and businessmen.

Advantages for business


Payment for real consumption - "Pay as you go", hourly billing. No infrastructure expenses.

Easy start

Quick start of the necessary resources. Easy scaling. Prepared OS images, the ability to download your own ISO.

Convenient management

Management via convenient interfaces for the user and the programmer via web interface, command line, API.

Cloud migration

Foxcloud experts will advise, teach and help you launch your IT solutions, transfer your applications to the cloud.


Modern data centers of TIER III level + multi-replication of resources. Reliable and fail safe architecture.


Discover cloud technology around the world with Foxcloud! We are available in the USA, Europe, Russia and the CIS.

Resources price

Standard instances (root disk on standard block storage)

An excellent correlation between price and quality. Ideal for small applications and simple tasks or just for tests.

Instance Name CPU RAM Disk Price per month Price per hour
basic1.xs 1 Core 1 Gb 20 Gb 6.20 USD 0.01 USD
basic1.s 1 Core 2 Gb 50 Gb 10.50 USD 0.01 USD
basic1.m 2 Cores 4 Gb 100 Gb 21.00 USD 0.03 USD
basic1.l 2 Cores 8 Gb 200 Gb 37.00 USD 0.05 USD
basic1.xl 4 Cores 16 Gb 400 Gb 74.00 USD 0.10 USD
basic1.xxl 8 Cores 32 Gb 600 Gb 136.00 USD 0.19 USD

IOPS optimized instances (root disk on fast block storage)

Disk storage optimized for a high level of IOPs. Ideal for tasks that are sensitive to the reading speed and data recording.

Instance Name CPU RAM Disk Price per month Price per hour
iops1.xs 1 Core 1 Gb 10 Gb 7.00 USD 0.01 USD
iops1.s 1 Core 2 Gb 20 Gb 11.50 USD 0.02 USD
iops1.m 2 Cores 4 Gb 40 Gb 23.00 USD 0.03 USD
iops1.l 2 Cores 8 Gb 80 Gb 41.00 USD 0.06 USD
iops1.xl 4 Cores 16 Gb 160 Gb 82.00 USD 0.11 USD
iops1.xxl 8 Cores 32 Gb 320 Gb 164.00 USD 0.23 USD

RAM optimized instances (root disk on standard block storage)

Instance Name CPU RAM Disk Price per month Price per hour
ram1.xs 1 Core 8 Gb 50 Gb 147.50 USD 0.20 USD
ram1.s 2 Cores 16 Gb 50 Gb 170.00 USD 0.24 USD
ram1.m 2 Cores 32 Gb 50 Gb 210.00 USD 0.29 USD
ram1.l 4 Cores 64 Gb 50 Gb 295.00 USD 0.41 USD
ram1.xl 8 Cores 128 Gb 50 Gb 465.00 USD 0.65 USD
ram1.xxl 16 Cores 256 Gb 50 Gb 805.00 USD 1.12 USD

VOLUME-based instances (there is no root disk, an additional disk is required to run)

Instance Name CPU RAM Disk Price per month Price per hour
volume1.xs 1 Core 1 Gb 0 Gb 5.00 USD 0.01 USD
volume1.s 1 Core 2 Gb 0 Gb 7.50 USD 0.01 USD
volume1.m 2 Cores 4 Gb 0 Gb 15.00 USD 0.02 USD
volume1.l 2 Cores 8 Gb 0 Gb 25.00 USD 0.03 USD
volume1.xl 4 Cores 16 Gb 0 Gb 50.00 USD 0.07 USD
volume1.xxl 8 Cores 32 Gb 0 Gb 100.00 USD 0.14 USD

The rendering of services is based on prepayment. In order to start using our services you need to replenish the account with an amount of at least $10.

For new users we recommend studying the prepared IaaS resource packages below, the detailed calculation of the resources price and the list of available instances, as well to test the cloud price calculator.

IaaS resource packages

for developers
up to 0.12 USD/hour
up to 6 Cores CPU
up to 16 Gb RAM
up to 500 Gb Standard Disk
up to 5 Tb Traffic
up to 500 Gb Object storage

for business
up to 0.39 USD/hour
up to 12 Cores CPU
up to 48 Gb RAM
up to 2000 Gb Standard Disk
up to 5 Tb Traffic
up to 3000 Gb Object storage

for resellers
up to 1.34 USD/hour
up to 50 Cores CPU
up to 256 Gb RAM
up to 5000 Gb Standard Disk
up to 5 Tb Traffic
up to 10000 Gb Object storage


* Prices are calculated in accordance with the current exchange rate of the US dollar.

In order to start using them you need to replenish the account with an amount of at least $10.

Public Cloud (IaaS): Frequent asked questions (FAQ)

Answers to frequent asked questions about Public Cloud (IaaS).

What is a Public Cloud (IaaS)?
IaaS - means "Infrastructure-as-a-Service".
Public Cloud (Iaas) represents a computing and network infrastructure (servers, data storage, networks, operating systems), which is provided to customers for organizing and launching their own software solutions and for creating their own network.
What is the difference between IaaS and VPS servers?
VPS/VDS - is a virtual server with a certain number of processor cores, RAM, disk space and other parameters.
IaaS is a set of resources (a virtual data center) that the user rents and which replaces the entire physical infrastructure (servers, networks, storage systems, switches).
By using IaaS, you can easily create as many VPS/VDS as you need.
What kind of projects is IaaS suitable for?
IaaS is suitable for projects that require dynamic resource management. As well IaaS is suitable for organizing the development and testing process, for organizing the company computing and network infrastructure, for projects that need a geographic distribution of servers and network, for projects that need a high level of fail safe. You can easily conclude that IaaS is suitable for any type of project.
Does IaaS require technical knowledge?
Definitely YES, it does. IaaS requires an appropriate experience and knowledge in cloud technologies and administration. We offer an easy start and the use of IaaS in a personal cabinet in the control panel, where you can manage and create new servers by a mouse click. We try to make IaaS available and easy to be used.
Will I get support while using IaaS?
Of course, you will receive free consultancy on how to use the cloud systems, free technical support, initial training and consultancy. As well the technical support can be extended by arrangement.
Is a dedicated IP address provided for IaaS servers?
Yes, it is. For each server it is provided an IP address - for free.
Additional IP addresses may be provided.
Is it possible to install my own ISO-images and OS?
It is possible.
What kind of channel is provided for servers in the cloud and is it taken into account while paying?
For all IaaS servers 1Gbits connection is provided and the price is calculated according to the consumption rate.

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