VPS hosting with ISPmanager 6

Ready-to-run configuration for sites and mail hosting.

Order the perfect VPS hosting right now
  • A virtual server will provide independence from shared hosting (neighbours) and root access for a full control and installation of programs and settings necessary for you.
  • We will transfer your website from another host for free. If you have a complex project - an online store, a news portal, a highly loaded site or a large number of sites, write or call us to agree upon all the transfer details.
  • Technical support together with the server includes free basic support. You may order additional administrator services that will help you solve complex technical problems.
    Go to the list of technical support services.
  • The ISPManager control panel provides a convenient way to manage the web server through a web interface. Simplifies the configuration of all services needed to host a site.
  • Protection against DDoS attacks. VPS hosting servers are protected from various types of DOS attacks.
    Your server may be integrated with various L3/L7 protection systems providing a high level of protection against various threats.
    Подключить услугу защиты DDOS L7 на мой сервер
  • Choice of location. Our infrastructure is located in nine data centres in four countries. You may choose a location that is the most suitable for your business.

What resources do you need

Our recommendations:

  • CPU
  • RAM
  • SSD
  • Control Panel
  • Location
  • Price per month
For projects that do not require a lot of resources
  • CPU
    2 Core
  • RAM
    4 Gb
  • SSD
    50 Gb
  • Control Panel
    ISPmanager 6
  • Location

  • Price per month
    12.6 USD
For quick placement of a large number of sites and for resellers
  • CPU
    4 Core
  • RAM
    8 Gb
  • SSD
    100 Gb
  • Control Panel
    ISPmanager 6
  • Location

  • Price per month
    28.2 USD
For e-commerce sites, internet portals, and other high-consumption projects
  • CPU
    6 Core
  • RAM
    12 Gb
  • SSD
    150 Gb
  • Control Panel
    ISPmanager 6
  • Location

  • Price per month
    43.4 USD

How many sites may be hosted

  • Number of sites
  • License price per month
ISPmanager6 Lite
  • Number of sites
    up to 10 sites
  • License price per month
    included in price
ISPmanager6 Pro
  • Number of sites
    up to 50 sites
  • License price per month
    5 USD
ISPmanager6 Host
  • Number of sites
    not limited
  • License price per month
    10 USD

What else do we do for you

We transfer complex projects

  • from developers (deploy)
  • from physical servers
  • from cloud providers
  • from another hosting

Do you have an online store, 24/7 visitors and orders, business, advertising?

  • we will transfer without stopping the project
  • we will synchronize the databases and code
  • we will test out the project
  • we will set up the DNS and mail
  • we will check the operation of the main functions
  • we will switch over at night

Get a consultation

We will transfer the server with all the settings

Do you want to keep everything the way it is now?

  • we will make a complete copy of your server
  • we will keep all software and settings unchanged
  • we will move the physical server to the cloud
  • we will migrate the servers from cloud providers

Get a consultation

We will analyse your project
and select individual
settings and solutions

For fast and continuous operation of your sites and reliable processing of orders and incoming messages:

  • we will audit the server resources and disk space usage
  • we will optimize the server performance and configure server services

Get a consultation

24/7 monitoring sites and servers

Review reports and charts on the status of your projects, track non-stop availability of servers and websites, receive alerts by email and Telegram

  • sites check
  • check for SSL errors
  • server Ping
  • check ports

Set up monitoring

More details about VPS Hosting
for advanced users

  • Distributed network
  • Our network is deployed in nine data centres of at least TIER III level, in four countries.
  • When placing an order, you can choose in which country your project will be hosted.
  • Data security
  • We made sure that all information on your server is securely protected.
  • We use Ceph distributed network file system for storage.
  • All data is simultaneously stored on multiple physical machines.
  • All servers have snapshots stored in the alternate cluster.
  • The server is preconfigured to back up accounts.
  • For add-on security, we offer copying of backups to our cloud storage.
  • Productivity
  • Servers: Supermicro, Intel Xeon Scalable processors.
  • Processor frequency: 2.1-3.0Ghz.
  • Memory: DDR4 ECC.
  • Disks: distributed network storage system.
  • Virtualization Platform
  • Hypervisor: KVM
  • Virtualization management system: Openstack.
  • Data storage system: Ceph
  • Features of VPS hosting software
  • PHP Versions: When placing a VPS hosting order, all PHP versions from php-5.4 to php-8.1 are automatically installed.
    By default, 7.4 version is selected.
  • Python support.
  • Node.js support.
  • Web Server: Apache+Nginx is selected by default to maximize the speed of your sites.
    If necessary, it is possible to change.
  • PHP operation mode can be selected: Apache module, FastCGI, PHP-FPM.
  • Exim4 mail server and roundcube mail client - it is possible to install any software at the request of the customer.
  • Convenient control panel
  • ISPmanager web server control panel.

What is the ISPmanager panel.

Using the ISPmanager control panel, you can upload a website to the server, manage domain zones and mail, install SSL certificates, create users and configure security policies. And all this - through the Web interface in an Internet browser, without going directly to the server.

Frequently asked questions:

How quickly will my server be ready-to-use after ordering?
You will receive a ready-to-use server with a control panel installed immediately after ordering.
Can I install additional packages or software on the server?
You can install any compatible software on your VPS Hosting.
How many sites can be hosted on a server?
We do not limit the number of hosted sites. If your projects need more computing resources, you can add memory, increase the hard disk or the number of processor cores - this procedure takes a minimum of time.
Also, the maximum number of sites depends on the type of ISPManager license. The base rates include an ISPManagerLite license that allows you to host up to 10 domains, including subdomains. You can upgrade your license at any time.
Learn more about ISPManager license types.
What is included in free server administration?
Our technical support will help you with installing and updating operating systems, software from official repositories, diagnosing the unavailability of servers, sites and mail, setting ISPManager parameters and services, and creating backups.
Go to the full list of technical support services.
What CMS can be installed on the server?
VPS Hosting supports most popular CMS such as 1CBitrix, Wordpress, Opencart, Drupal, Joomla, TYPO3, Magento and many others. If you did not find your CMS in the list – please, contact us.

Still have questions?

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