ownCloud server

Get a personal all-in-one cloud service with full data control:
file storage with web interface, document and spreadsheet online editor, online media center, single point of access to external storage data, user manager.

ownCloud is a full-fledged online office for joint work on projects.

Organize the storage, convenient and secure access to data of employees, a joint work on documents and projects from any device and from anywhere in the world. Your information structure will be always under your full control without any significant investments in equipment and administration.

We have added useful functionality to the image,

so that you can immediately start using ownClowd server without any complicated settings.

  • Remote file storage

    Organize a joint share of files and data on ownCloud server. Connect Cloud Storage and get up to 1 Tb of disk space at the best price.

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  • Online media center

    Use the image gallery, view videos directly from ownCloud, listen to audio recordings.

  • Online editing and joint work on documents

    Organize a joint work on documents and spreadsheets from ONLYOFFICE web application. View PDF files and images stored in your repositories in the web interface.

  • Additional configuration and adding plugins

    Customize your ownCloud server by adding additional free options from the official marketplace.

    Due to its open source, you can also write your own applications and share them in ownCloud community.

  • Access to external file storage

    Use ownCloud server as a single point of access to all your repositories: Dropbox, Googledisk, Amazon, etc.

  • External links to files

    Send links to the files you need to unauthorized users via web interface from a desktop or mobile application.

  • Synchronizing files with different devices

    Download applications for desktops, Android, iOS and synchronize folders on ownCloud server and across all the devices you are using.

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  • User management

    Create user groups for work on individual projects and for data access delimitation.

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How it works:

  • You order ownCloud server and immediately get access to it
  • Connect external storages if necessary
  • Organize users access to the server
  • Install client software on your devices for synchronization
  • Start working with files and documents

ownClowd VPS is a simple, secure and universal solution, the reliability of which is proven by thousands of companies around the world

  • Simple, intuitive clear interface
  • ownCloud security is fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Suitable for both small companies and complex, branched projects
  • A large number of features and additional options
  • Flexible scaling of resources
  • Compatible with many solutions and external data storage
  • Opportunity of joint work on documents and spreadsheets in real time
  • Open source
  • Access to data from various devices
  • You can always contact our experts for support or advice

By ownCloud VPS right now

Starting at 12.75 USD per month

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The minimum configuration includes:
2 Cores, 4 Gb RAM, 60Gb

Each tariff package includes 5 Tb of monthly traffic and a dedicated IP address.
You can change resource parameters and select an individual configuration.

Ordering additional computing power

  • Additional disks
  • SSD disks $ 2 for every 20 GB
  • HDD disks $ 2 for every 60 GB
  • The total amount of additional disks up to 10 TB
  • RAM
  • It is possible to upgrade the RAM at the rate of $ 5 for every 2 Gb RAM
  • The total amount of RAM - up to 32 Gb
  • Processor
  • Each additional core $ 2.5
  • The total number of processor cores - up to 6 cores per 1 VPS

Additional options

  • Additional IP addresses
  • Price of an additional IP address - $2
  • You can order up to 32 additional IPs per server
  • Traffic consumption
  • For any configuration, 5TB of traffic per month is included for free
  • You can increase the traffic volume while placing an order or upgrade your tariff while using it.
  • Price of additional traffic - $ 15 for every 10 TB
  • In case of traffic overrun the connection speed is reduced to 10 Mbps
  • If you need more than 50 TB of traffic, we can provide an individual price. Write to get an offer
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • review reports and charts on the status of your projects
  • track non-stop availability of servers and websites
  • receive alerts by email and Telegram
  • Learn more about monitoring

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What are the ownCloud system requirements?
OwnCloud can be installed on VPS with a minimal configuration. However, to ensure a comfortable work, you need to take into account the number of users and the planned amount of data.
How much disk space does ownCloud take up?
OwnCloud image takes up about 15 GB. This should be taken into account while planning your server configuration.
What are the free version restrictions?
In the free version, you cannot brand your interface, there is no integration with Microsoft SharePoint and with a Windows network drive, it has no function of protection against ransomware, of document classification and some other modules. There is also a limit on the number of simultaneously opened web interface pages (up to twenty). In general, the standard version functions are quite enough for a small or a medium-sized enterprise.
Is it possible to change to Enterprise version
If you require the ownCloud Enterprise options, you can upgrade to the product commercial version by yourself.
What will happen if after a while the number of users, the amount of data, and the server load increase??
Due to KVM virtualization technology, you can add resources at any time, without reinstalling the system, just in a few minutes.
Is it possible to have a collective work on files from an object storage connected to ownCloud?
Object storages are more intended for a long-term storage of large amounts of data with infrequent access to them. So, although technically it is possible, it is better to store the documents that need to be worked on in real time on the ownCloud server itself.
Can I install additional software on the ownCloud server?
OwnCloud server is compatible with most other programs. Feel free to contact our support team if you want to know more about the compatibility with specific software.
What file storages is ownCloud compatible with?
You can connect to ownCloud Swift object storages, including Public Cloud, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, ownCloud, as well as SFTP, SMB / CIFS, WebDav servers.

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