Dedicated servers

High performance and availability

Only high-quality and modern equipment

Supermicro servers, Intel processors, Juniper network equipment

server control via IPMI

professional technical support

Dedicated server online configurator

Dedicated servers for projects of any level

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With the server you get

  • 1 dedicated IPv4
    for network infrastructure
  • 10 Tb of traffic
    for processing large amounts of data and visitors
  • Server connection to a private network
    for secure data exchange.
  • Server integration with our DNS
    to manage domains and DNS records.
  • Connection to 1Gbit ports
    to ensure high data transfer rates.
  • Power backup
    for reliable server operation during power outages.
  • Backup communication channels
    to ensure uninterrupted communication.
  • 1000Mbps bandwidth channel for fast Internet connection
    for fast Internet connection.
  • Access to server IPMI
    for remote control and monitoring.
  • Control panel in your personal account
    for convenient server control.

Key features of dedicated servers

  • Improved performance

    The computing power of a dedicated server provides optimal performance for resource-intensive projects.

  • TIER III Level Data Centres

    Take advantage of hosting in world-class data centres that provide a reliable and secure hosting environment.

  • Enterprise-class equipment

    Supermicro servers and industrial-grade Intel processors deliver high performance and maximum reliability.

  • Expert support

    Technical support is always available to assist with server management and troubleshooting.

  • Global coverage

    Choose from nine data centres in Russia, Europe and the US for optimal proximity and availability.

  • Reliable Network Infrastructure

    Rely on Juniper networking equipment for uninterrupted connectivity and high data transfer rates.

More options for your server

Expert technical support

Our dedicated servers come with a comprehensive technical support package
We can help you throughout the life of your server, from initial resource planning and customisation to diagnostics and server recovery.

View the list of support services

24/7 server monitoring

Connect your server to our easy-to-use monitoring system.
Receive instant alerts and read detailed reports to keep up to date with your online activity 24 hours a day.

How to configure monitoring

Additional IP addresses

You can order up to 32 additional IP addresses for the server
This allows you to host multiple websites or applications on different IP addresses, improves SEO capabilities, ensures uninterrupted email delivery, simplifies load balancing and supports advanced network configurations.

Request additional IP addresses

Additional Traffic

Order additional traffic
If your website or application receives a lot of traffic, requires a higher data transfer rate, is experiencing performance issues during peak times, or is trying to meet increasing traffic demands for a smooth user experience.

Order additional traffic

Component replacement and server upgrade

You can upgrade hardware, increase performance and scale the server to meet growing needs.
Upgrade your server to meet your growing needs, save on extended server life and adapt to changing technology requirements, keeping your server up to date and optimised.

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Multi-server solutions: Unlock the potential of a hybrid infrastructure

Find the perfect balance between cost effectiveness, scalability, flexibility and performance with our multi-server solutions.
Our team of experts specialise in setting up private networks for VPS and dedicated servers, ensuring smooth communication between them. With this hybrid infrastructure, your business can confidently handle traffic spikes while maintaining optimal security and stability. In addition, we customise the infrastructure to suit your unique business requirements, ensuring maximum return on your investment (ROI).

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