Sites and servers monitoring service

Keep your projects running smoothly with our easy to use monitoring service.
Get instant notifications and view detailed reports to be aware of your online presence 24/7.

Find more about the functionality of our Sites and servers monitoring project

Using simple monitoring tools, you can easily monitor your websites and servers 24/7 and keep them up and running.

Continuous monitoring will notify you in case any problem is detected.

Monitor the server response speed, availability of sites, ports, or the accuracy of content delivery.

Set up monitoring in your personal account to know that your sites and servers are monitored by reliable tools and you will be able to respond to incidents in time.

Monitoring is available free of charge to all our clients with active services.

Monitoring capabilities

  • Check the website availability
    (HTTP code 200)

    It will help to detect failures in the operation of projects in time and quickly take steps to eliminate them, ensuring maximum accessibility of the site for visitors.

  • Check for SSL certificate

    This monitoring feature detects SSL errors and helps prevent potential security breaches.

  • Server Ping

    Gives information about the response speed and availability of the server, allows you to identify network connection issues.

  • Check the presence or absence of keywords on the site

    Allows you to identify errors in the content, the absence of key elements or incorrect display of the page. This function helps to make sure that the site works correctly.

  • Notification of SSL Certificate expiration

    Allows you to update SSL certificates in time in order to maintain the correct operation of your projects and services.

  • Check ports availability

    Allows you to make sure that the required ports are open and ready to be used. For example, the ports for databases, mail servers and others.

Find out how to set up monitoring

  • Monitoring details
  • frequency of checks – once every 1-5 minutes
  • checks from several data centers
  • an incident is logged upon confirmation from multiple monitoring points
  • Flexible contact setting for notifications
  • notifications to email addresses
  • notifications and reports in Telegram
  • individual selection of different contacts for separate monitoring tasks
  • the ability to assign the same contact to several monitoring accounts
  • Reports, graphs, and logs
  • report on the current status of the project and the time spent in the current status
  • Uptime per day, week, month
  • graph of response time for 24 hours
  • graph of the average daily response time per month
  • logs of incidents and events

Go to the monitoring settings of your projects

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