OpenMediaVault Server

All the possibilities of a remote NAS without any hassle regarding installation and configuration

OpenMediaVault is a free NAS based on Debian distribution.

Connect OpenMediaVault server as a network disk and get reliable access to your files from any device and from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection. OpenMediaVault is easy to install and easy to use.

An excellent solution for personal users and for small companies.

  • Provide an easy access to files from different devices

    Users connected to OpenMediaVault server can easily work with files by uploading, opening, saving changes, just like on a familiar network disk.

  • Synchronize your data

    RSync utility will allow you to synchronize data for backups, also to synchronize data in your local folders or on remote servers.

  • Extend your OpenMediaVault server possibilities by using plugins

    OpenMediaVault is an open source solution. There are 6 official plugins and many third-party ones created for it. Learn more here.

  • Organize a media server

    Built-in add-on plugins allow your devices to play music and video streaming from OpenMediaVault server.

  • Unite the users of different operating systems into one eco-system

    As a rule, Linux and Windows users are isolated from each other. OpenMediaVault is compatible with both OS and will allow their users to share files on the network disk.

  • Unlimited possibilities for developers

    If necessary, developers can create their own plugins to meet individual needs.

Who is OpenMediaVault based NAS suitable for?

  • Small geographically dispersed companies and workgroups.
  • Personal users who need a convenient access to their files, data, multimedia from anywhere in the world.
  • For anyone who needs to store important information in a well-secured data center and have an easy access to it.

How it works:

  • You order OpenMediaVault server
  • Create users and necessary folders in the web interface
  • Organize access to OpenMediaVault network folders on client devices
  • Your network storage is ready to use
  • At the request, we will additionally install the software you need

OpenMediaVault possibilities and distinctive features:

  • Multilingual web interface for managing remote NAS
  • Based on Debian Linux
  • Flexible scaling of resources
  • Open source
  • Access via FTP, NFS, SAMBA / CIFS, Rsync, WebDAV protocols
  • Flexible access configuration via firewall
  • Ability to configure automatic monitoring with notifications
  • A large number of additional plugins
  • Server OpenMediaVault allows you to organize a remote NAS in the shortest possible time without investing in expensive equipment.

By Openmediavault VPS right now

Starting at 7.13 USD per month

Order now

The minimum configuration includes:
1 Core, 2Gb RAM, 60Gb HDD

Each tariff package includes 5 Tb of monthly traffic and a dedicated IP address.
You can change resource parameters and select an individual configuration.

Ordering additional computing power

  • Additional disks
  • SSD disks $ 2 for every 20 GB
  • HDD disks $ 2 for every 60 GB
  • The total amount of additional disks up to 10 TB
  • RAM
  • It is possible to upgrade the RAM at the rate of $ 5 for every 2 Gb RAM
  • The total amount of RAM - up to 32 Gb
  • Processor
  • Each additional core $ 2.5
  • The total number of processor cores - up to 6 cores per 1 VPS

Additional options

  • Additional IP addresses
  • Price for an additional IP address - $2
  • You can order up to 32 additional IPs per server
  • Traffic consumption
  • For any configuration, 5TB of traffic per month is included for free.
  • You can increase the volume of traffic while placing an order or upgrade your tariff while using it.
  • Price for additional traffic - $ 15 for every 10 TB.
  • In case of traffic overrun, the connection speed is reduced to 10 Mbps.
  • If you need more than 50 TB of traffic, we can provide an individual price. Write to get an offer.
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • review reports and charts on the status of your projects
  • track non-stop availability of servers and websites
  • receive alerts by email and Telegram
  • Learn more about monitoring


How much disk space does OpenMediaVault take up?
OpenMediaVault takes up 4GB of disk space.
What are the system requirements for OpenMediaVault?
The OpenMediaVault server minimum configuration is 1 core + 1RAM + 20 GB SSD (of which 16Gb are available). It should be remembered that the larger the hard disk and the more client devices will be connected to server, the more RAM and processor cores will be required.
Do you have a paid version?
OpenMediaVault is a completely open source product. If you want to support the developers you can give a donation on
What is the maximum file size that can be uploaded to OpenMediaVault NAS?
The size of files is limited only by the available hard disk space.
Can OpenMediaVault server be used for media?
Yes, it can. This is an excellent solution for storing video surveillance systems or for broadcasting video on devices.
What will happen if after a while the number of users, the amount of data, and the server load increase?
Due to KVM virtualization technology you can add resources at any time, without reinstalling the system, just in few minutes.

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