How to increase or decrease a VPS disk size and how to complete a server upgrade

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How to upgrade a virtual server

To get to “upgrade” menu open «Products / Services» page from «Account» tab.

Next, select your server from the list.

Then, click on «Change options» button from  «Actions» window.

In the next step you can change several parameters: disk space volume, RAM, number of processor cores, traffic, and additional options. Please note, when choosing the parameters the price of the corresponding upgrade is indicated.
After selecting the necessary upgrades,  «Click to continue. »

The next step will indicate the total price for all upgrades. Here you can choose a payment method and insert the promotional code. To proceed to payment -> «Click to continue».

Then you can pay for the upgrade by going to the payment system website.
After payment is carried out, a Fox Cloud technical support employee will contact you to agree on a convenient time for the upgrade, since the work will require the server reboot. The time to perform this operation depends on the number of upgrades, but it usually takes no more than 5 minutes.
To do this, go back to the selected «Service» page and click on «Apply Upgrade»

After clicking, the server will automatically reboot and all the characteristics specified during the upgrade will be added to VPS.

How to remove the unused disk space on a VPS 

If your project does not use so many server resources as you initially planned, you can reduce the VPS features. The downgrade procedure is performed individually. So, to apply for a disk space reduction, for example, you need to write to us in the online chat or create a request on «Create Ticket» page.

The virtual server feature set does not allow performing downgrade by reducing certain parameters. For this reason, downgrade procedure is carried out by creating a new server with the desired characteristics, to which your projects are transferred. Thus, the deadlines for achieving a downgrade matched individually depend directly on the volume of data to be transferred.

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