How to set up a VPN server

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The Enterprise VPN Server is based on the open-source OVPN solution. You can set it up in minutes.

Steps to follow after deploying OVPN:

  • Enter the address of your server in the address bar of your browser, for example: (1) If appears a warning about the lack of an SSL certificate, ignore it.
  • Log in with the username “root” and password (2). Now you can use your OVPN-Admin access server: add users, configure and check the necessary parameters on the OVPN-Admin page.

User management on the OVPN-Admin server:

  • Users may be created by using the “Add user” button (1).
  • In the window that opens, enter the new username and password (2).

  • A user can be temporarily revoked by using the “Revoke” button (1).
  • All temporarily revoked users can be hidden using the “Hide revoked” button (2), and can be shown again using the “Show revoked” button.
  • A user can be deleted using the “Delete” button (3). Only revoked users can be deleted.
  • The “Rotate” button updates the “.ovpn” file generating new keys and resetting the password (4).
  • To restore a revoked user, click the “Unrevoke” button (5).

  • To set a new password, use the “Change password” button (1)
  • Enter a new password (2) of at least medium complexity.

Now you may connect your device to a VPN server.

How to connect Openvpn on different devices

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