How to order OpenMediaVault virtual server

2 min.

  1. In the site menu select SSD virtual servers or Hybrid HDD virtual servers .

  2. Choose the configuration you need and press “Order” button.

  3. In the following fields enter the server name (1), access password  (2) and select the OpenMediaVault image (3). Then press  Next  button. (image-3)

  4. Then you will have to confirm the order and fill in your personal data if you have not signed in on our website yet. 
  5. After the ordering procedure and sign-in you will receive the invoice on your e-mail.

How to use OpenMediaVault

  1. After paying for service you will receive an activation email with OMV server access data: IP, login and password.
  2. The preinstalled version has already been configured for a maximum quick start.
  3. You can connect to server control panel http://<ip>
  4. Or connect via FTP ftp://<ip> using the ftpuser username and password from the activation email.
  5. OpenMediaVault web interface will open 

By Openmediavault VPS right now

Starting at 85.5 USD per year

Order now

The minimum configuration includes:
1 Core, 2Gb RAM, 60Gb Hard Disc

Each tariff package includes 5 Tb of monthly traffic and a dedicated IP address.
You can change resource parameters and select an individual configuration.

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