How to start using cloud storage

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What is FoxCloud Storage

FoxCloud Storage is an Openstack-based object storage that provides storage space to users and hardware services. FoxCloud Storage can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet. 

What is a data container?

A container is a way to store and organize data. It can be compared with your OS logical disks. In your Cloud Storage you can create as many containers as you like and attach any number of folders and files to a certain container. However, the container itself cannot be attached. 

In FoxCloud Storage data can be stored only inside the container. That is why you should create at least one container before loading data.

You can provide access to separate data containers to other users – in this case the container is called public. 

What is a public container?

A public container provides access to its data to users who know its public URL. In FoxCloud Storage  you can get a public URL for any container from your account.

Creating your own FoxCloud Storage

After the first payment is carried out the service automatically becomes available and the first Cloud Storage container can be created in the selected location. You can choose different regions for different containers from the same account.

On your profile email you will be sent a letter with details on the given service and a brief user guide. 

Viewing FoxCloud Storage contents

For viewing Cloud Storage contents you can use an Internet browser.

In the letter sent to you there will be specified the server, port, user and password.  

To connect to your FoxCloud Storage enter your data in the address bar and press «Enter». 


Next, there will be displayed a pop-up window with a field for password: enter the password and click «Ok».

This is your container. You can use various programs to load files into it.

Uploading files to Foxcloud Storage containers

The access to Cloud Storage for uploading files is performed via FTP protocol. 

To do this, you need to install an FTP client on your computer. FTP client is a type of program for a simplified access to an FTP server.

We suggest using one of four programs:

  • Total Commander;
  • Cyberduck;
  • WinSCP;
  • Rclone.

These programs are freeware or shareware. They can be downloaded from the links below:

Download Total Commander

Download Cyberduck

Download WinSCP

Download Rclone


As you can see, you don’t need engineering knowledge to configure FoxCloud Storage. We have created a simple interface that supports the most common FTP clients. Thus, you can choose one of the programs recommended in this article, or use the one you are used to.

Now you can fully enjoy using your FoxCloud Storage.

We hope this information has been helpful to you. We will continue to acquaint you with useful programs for working in cloud storage.

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