How to set up a private network connection through a VPN server

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To connect to a private network, you need the following:

  • a private network (private VLAN)
  • an ordered and installed VPN server.

Connect an additional interface to a VPN server in a private network.

Configure the interface in the Netplan configuration file, and check the private network connection:

  • find and open the Netplan configuration file with any editor convenient for you (1)
  • add your personal data „Interface name”, „IP address”, „Mask”, then check the syntax (netplan generate), if there are no errors, apply the changes (netplan apply) (2)
  • check the status of the new interface (ifconfig ens7) (3)
  • check access to an available host from our private network (4).

After completing the above settings, write the routes for the client and check the private network connection:

  • click on the „Edit routes” button and add the required network (1,2)
  • save (3).

Check the connection of the client to the local network.

After these settings, the client will get access to the local network through the OVPN server.

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