How to create a Windows SAMBA disk based on OpenMediaVault

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Server Message Block (SMB - Samba) protocol allows to network and share files between computers with incompatible Windows and UNIX / Linux operating systems. With Samba you can adapt common network solutions for Windows. For example you can create a network storage (SAMBA disk) for Windows on the remote server based on OpenMediaVault.

We will explain you how to do this on a server with  preinstalled OpenMediaVault (OMV).

  1. After ordering an OMV server you will receive an activation email with access data: IP, login and password
    Connect to web panel via the specified in the email address http: // <ip> and log in using your username and password
  2. Create a new user named smbuser

    Click on Add button (add a new user) and fill in the form that will open (login, password and password confirmation). Then confirm the changes.

  3. Open shared folders tab from the panel:

  4. Create a new shared folders:

  5. Fill in the form for creating a shared folder, specifying the name and selecting a device. Let the remaining options by default and click Save.

    Confirm the changes:

  6. Next you need to configure the smbuser user access to reading and writing: highlight the shared folder smbdisk (1) and click on Privileges (2):

    In the window that opens tick the box next to Read / Write for the user smbuser (1) and click Save (2):

    The window will close and you will have to confirm the changes.
  7. In the side menu select Services> SMB / CIFS:

    Open Shares tab:

    Click the Add button to “bind” the new shared folder to SMB service:

    Fill in the form as follows: enable Share (1), select the created smbdisk folder in the Shared Folder field (2), specify None value in the Public field (3) and click Save (4):

    Confirm the changes.
  8. Return to Settings tab:

    Enable SMB service (1) and click Save (2):

    Confirm the changes.
  9. Next open the Network folder on the Windows computer and enter \\ ip-address (your server IP address) in the address bar.

  10. Then a dialog box for connecting to the disk will open:
    Enter the smbuser login and password that you specified at point 2 and click Ok.

    After that you will get access to SAMBA disk:

Now you can use your new network drive.

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