What is Cloud Storage? Advantages and opportunities

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Cloud storage is a way of storing data on remote servers by accessing them via internet. Your data are not stored on a given server, but in a single "cloud" that comprises an unlimited number of servers.

What is Cloud Storage?

Разработано много типов интернет хранилищ для различных нужд и типов данных. Наиболее универсальной и удобной на сегодняшний день является технология объектного хранения. Именно она и используется в Облачном Хранилище FoxCloud.
Nowadays there are many types of internet storages designed for different needs and data types, but object storage is universal and the most convenient from all of them today. Namely, it is used in FoxCloud Storage. Unlike other ways of storing data, object storage does not use a directory tree. All the storage container files are on the same level and each file is assigned a unique identification tag, used by applications to access it. Data objects may also contain metadata (file additional information).

Object storage key features:

  • Data are stored as separate objects.
  • Data are stored at the same level, without using a hierarchical directory system. 
  • To find individual data objects (files) applications use identification tags.

Such a system can be compared to a car parking, where a file is the car, and its identifier (address) - the receipt.

Users can organize files in FoxCloud Storage containers into a convenient for them hierarchy, but in fact, data will be structured in a flat address space.

FoxCloud Storage advantages:

  • Reliability. If equipment failures happen, data will not be lost and the access to them will be constant.
  • Scalability. There are no restrictions regarding hard disk space, so you can gradually increase or decrease the size of your FoxCloud Storage according to your needs.
  • Availability. You can access your Cloud Storage from anywhere on the Internet, and also enable access to its certain parts to other users via a public link.
  • Location. Although the data access in Cloud Storage can be obtained from anywhere in the world, geographical location of the cloud forming servers is very important for information rate and information availability according to the laws of different countries. FoxCloud Storage offers 4 locations for your data.
    How to place my Cloud Storage data in Russia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe or the USA.
  • Universality. You can use Cloud Storage both for private needs, such as storing and sending various types of files, and for hardware needs of different applications. Users are not restricted to use certain software, since FoxCloud Storage supports many utilities. Thus, you have a wide range of opportunities and also you can work with programs convenient for you. 
  • Pricing. Foxloud Storage rental cost is significantly lower than a virtual or dedicated server rental cost. It is also lower in comparison with the prices of such giants as Google, Microsoft, Yandex, Mail.ru. Therefore, it is much more advantageous to create, for instance, your site backup in FoxCloud Storage. 

What is Cloud Storage used for.

Cloud Storage can be used for different purposes. The basic ones are as follows.

  1. Backup and data restoring. In FoxCloud Storage you can configure the websites or PC operating systems backup.
  2. To configure a website backup in Cloud Storage
  3. To configure a Windows OS backup in Cloud Storage
  4. Software development and testing. Software development and testing often conditions require a constant storage of intermediate versions and source data. Purchasing additional equipment for this purpose is too expensive, it requires time and additional space. It is much cheaper to use a cloud storage, that can be created almost instantly.
  5. Shared access to data. At present the activity on many projects is carried out remotely, and access to the same data is required by specialists in various fields (sales agents, managers, developers), who may work in different branch offices or even in other countries. Under these conditions, organizing a shared access to the company internal server is technically difficult. It is much easier to upload the necessary files to the cloud and give access to them to those who need these files.
  6. Storage of video and photo galleries of television and design studios, security camera record storage.
  7. Forwarding large amounts of data.

Most of internet users prefer using cloud storage. Its convenience, reliability and availability have made it increasingly popular with both large companies and individual users. There are many popular free services providing cloud storage, but they usually impose restrictions on storage volume or time. 

FoxCloud Storage is a perfect solution for users with higher needs than those provided by free services and for whom the data safety and security are important. So, we are ready to provide space for data storage and also to help you optimally configure Cloud Storage according to your needs, even if this may require non-standard solutions. 

You can order FoxCloud Storage as a separate service or use it in addition to hosting, as for example, to reduce costs and optimize backup storage.

100 Gb
from 1.41 USD/mo.
500 Gb
from 5.84 USD/mo.
1 Tb
from 11.3 USD/mo.

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