CSR generation using CSR generator at Foxcloud.net

1 min.

The procedure is very simple - just fill all necessary fields and click "Generate CSR"

Once you checked the above please fill all necessary fields:

  1. Domain name - fully qualified domain name, for which a certificate is going to be issued, ex. "testdomain.com".
  2. Organization - company legal name if the certificate is issued for a company.
  3. Department - company unit responsible for operations of the website, ex. "IT Department"
  4. City - City name, ex. "Amsterdam"
  5. Region / State - Region / State name, ex. "Amsterdam area"
  6. Country - ex. "The Netherlands"
  7. Email - an email address of administrative contact.

After you generated CSR you can download it or just copy the generated CSR code and Private Key. CSR generation is complete. You can use the obtained CSR and Private Key to issue/order an SSL Certificate.

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