What SIP-provider to choose ?

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What SIP-provider to choose?

The first step to use your Virtual PBX is to choose a SIP provider for outgoing and incoming calls. Below you will find some VOIP providers our customers use with Virual PBX.

You are free to use any of listed below or any SIP compatible voip provider you may find online.

Didlogic.com - has established itself in the European and US markets as a quality provider of high quality IP-telephony services and flexible pricing policy that provides the flexibility to organize the telephone at home or in the office. Didlogic provides a virtual phone numbers worldwide. It is possible use any SIP-client without limitation.
Sipgate.de - has established itself in Europe and particular in Germany, as one of the largest providers of IP-telephony in Europe. Provides telephony for home and office, is available to any SIP Client without restrictions.
SIPNET.ru - one of the most popular SIP-providers in Russia. It is popuplar for cheap calls to landlines in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as a wide range of additional services. It is possible to use any SIP-client without limitations, and to connect local phone numbers.

Using one of the submitted SIP providers, and possibly several at once, you will be able to organize the work of a private telephone exchange for the house and for your business to become much more accessible to your friends, family and clients.

What VoIP equipment to use with Virtual PBX?

There are many devices for IP-telephony, you may choose it yourself depending on features and design. We can recommend to use the following manufacturers:

You can also use softphones some of the most popular are:

3CX Phone http://www.3cx.com/
(Supports G.711. Registration required.)
3CX Phone includes powerful softphones for Mac and Windows, Android and iOS, which makes it easy to manage phone calls in the office, using a mode of CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) and landline phone, or on the go using the mobile softphone.
X-Lite http://www.counterpath.com/
Standart G.711. Protocol SIP.
The popular IP-telephony softphone. Supports video conferencing.
ZoIPer http://www.zoiper.com/
Supports G.722, G.723, SIP and IAX.
There are versions for: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Windows Mobile, Android.
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