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What is FoxCloud Storage FoxCloud Storage is an Openstack-based object storage that provides storage space to users and hardware services. FoxCloud Storage can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet.  What is a data container? A container is a way to store and organize data. It can be compared with your OS logical disks. In your Cloud Storage you can create as many containers as you like and attach any number of folders and files to a certain container. However, the container itself cannot be...
In order to transfer files from your computer to FoxCloud object storage you need to establish a connection between them. Such a connection is carried out via an FTP protocol,yes, you cfm and you can perform it by using Total Commander. Total Commander is a simple and universal program, it is a file manager. You can download it for free from the developer official website: Download Total Commander How to establish a connection via Total Commander 1) After downloading and running the program, in...
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