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 What is OpenStack Horizon.. The Openstack platform has its own OpenStack Horizon web GUI in which users manage computing resources, networks, block devices, and other virtual infrastructure components. The virtual server in OpenStack Horizon can be launched from various sources: an  image uploaded by the user to the Glance image service; a separate disk (volume), which is provided by the Cinder block storage service; a virtual server snapshot, Openstack provides the possibility to save the current...
The Public Cloud service makes cloud technology even more accessible. Now you can create virtual servers, connect them to networks and subnetworks, and manage projects of any complexity by yourself. These offer new opportunities for the implementation of various projects, but require deeper knowledge and skills in the field of IT. By using Public Cloud you obtain a greater control over the use of resources in your cloud and you pay for them according to the Pay-as-you-go practice: you pay only for...
There are several ways to manage your cloud: traditional method – via command line CLI OpenStack management   via   dashboard   provided   by   Opestack - Horizon: t his is a graphical interface that includes   a maximum set of functions for managing the cloud, but as a result, it has become quite cumbersome in use Public Cloud control panel: we have maximally simplified the use of our services and as a result we have developed our own control panel, where instances can be created almost instantly
Via command line functions you can create servers by choosing the operational system you need, the setting and location of server. The main advantages of CLI are the automation of the instances creation process and the possibility of integration into an already existing project. For creating instances via command line you need to prepare a platform where the openstack utility has to be installed. This can be an existing virtual server or even a personal computer. We recommend you to use Ubuntu OS
In order to connect to a virtual server you need to use a remote access client. We recommend you to use the free utility Putty.  Download Putty program and install it. Download Putty 32 bitt Download Putty 64 bitt Enter the server IP adress into the field "Host Name" (step -1), click on "Open" (step-2). pu To continue click on "Yes" into the opened dialog window (this message appears in order to make "Putty" remember the server or if the IP adress of the server is not similar to that previously...
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