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Servers on the basis of Openstack technology.

Highest performance and availability. All servers are connected with at least 1G Internet connection and are supplied with redunant power. In case of any issues our skilled technicians are ready to resolve it 24x7. Virtual Dedicated Server is provided in 15 minutes after payment
1 Core
2 Cores
4 Cores
1024 Mb
4096 Mb
6144 Mb
10 GB
40 Gb
60 Gb
1 Tb
4 Tb
6 Tb
Price per month
10.00 $
35.00 $
45.00 $
Price per 3 months
27.00 $ -3.00 $
94.50 $ -10.50 $
121.50 $ -13.50 $
Price per 6 months
51.00 $ -9.00 $
178.50 $ -31.50 $
229.50 $ -40.50 $
Price per year
90.00 $ -30.00 $
315.00 $ -105.00 $
405.00 $ -135.00 $
* Prices are calculated according to the current exchange rate of the US dollar
Common options for all packages
Control Panel
ISPManager / cPanel
Additional IP Adresses

Possibility to order additional IP addresses: 1xIP = $2.
Additional IP addresses are obtained according to RIPE rules and their availability.

Cost of additional IP addresses:
    - 1xIPv4 (/32) = $2/mo;
    - 2xIPv4 (/31) = $4/mo;
    - 4xIPv4 (/30) = $8/mo;
    - 8xIPv4 (/29) = $16/mo;
    - 16xIPv4 (/28) = $32/mo;
    - 32xIPv4 (/27) = $64/mo.

Virtual Dedicated Server is provided in 15 minutes after payment.

VPS on SSD drives:
    SSD drives have very high input/output speed, 10-100 times more than HDD drives.
    This gives your VPS incredible performance including SQL queries, web-server, mail server and other services and applications required to run your site.

Available control panels:
    ISP Manager

Control panel is installed free of charge. Control panel license is charged according to prices.

Virtual Dedicated Server advantages:
    full root access
    better isolation, your server is not influenced by other clients
    custom software installation

KVM virtualization advantages:
    dedicated resource reservation
    separate RAM and swap management
    custom kernel modules

    Network file system CEPH, up to 500 MB/s, up to 3000 IOPS

ISPmanager is a web-server control panel suitable for personal use and for providing professional hosting services. ISPmanager  is a multifunctional control panel. Cluster management, flexible service configuration, load balancing and data backup would allow your customers to control server within allowed functions and quotes.

Free Demo Version

Perfect solution for providing virtual hosting services and for reselling.
•    Allows usage of any software of administrator's choice
•    Doesn't delete changes made in configuration files
•    Provides plugins and event system for customization
•    Has open API allowing to use all control panel features in your software
•    Maintains high productivity with minimal resource consumption
•    Supports wide range of software
•    You can create any number of domains, web-sites, users, databases, etc.
•    Provides high security for virtual hosting
•    A lot of other functional features

Each tariff includes the optimal amount of traffic.
In case of traffic exceeding included in the tariff, each additional 1 TB will be charged at the rate of $5 per 1 TB.
If your server regularly exceeds traffic, we recommend to increase the traffic that is set in your tariff at the best possible price.
For this, its necessary to write a request to our support or change the traffic value by yourself in the configuration options of the virtual server.