The new version of the ISPmanager 6 control panel is on sale soon.

  • 2021-05-21

    The new version of the ISPmanager 6 control panel is on sale soon .

    ISPmanager 6 was presented at the annual Meetups, which took place on April 14, 2021.

    ISPSYSTEM announced on April 15, 2021, the sale of licenses for the new version of the ISPmanager 6 panel.

    In the new version, special attention is paid to the development of the product in the following areas:

    -Proactive vulnerability management system;

    -Improving the usability of the panel;

    -Monitoring of mail, availability of services and resources;

    -Additional tools for developers;

    -Extensive functionality for server administration and user account management;

    -Logical and clear interface structure;

    -Interface and documentation in different languages;

    -Training videos;

    -Lots of instructions;

    -Open API;

    -A large range of supported software (software);

    -Support for various operating systems;

    -Multi-level access rights system;

    -Regular updates and troubleshooting;

    -You can use it to manage Shared Hosting, Virtual Dedicated server (VPS/VDS), Mail server, Dedicated Server (dedicated server).

    The number of licenses has increased, and their differences have also been published.

    The cost of licenses depends on the available options in each of the licenses, the main parameters that you should pay attention to are the number of domains (including subdomains) that can be managed in the panel.



      Maximum quantity

    WWW domains

    ISPmanager 6 Lite 10
    ISPmanager 6 Pro 50
    ISPmanager 6 HostUnlimited
    ISPmanager 6 Business


    (reseller management is available)


    ISPsystem company pays attention that after June 15 - renewal of licenses for the ISPmanager panel five versions will be impossible, management of domains and databases in the panels five versions will become unavailable, but site will continue its work.

    All our customers will be able to upgrade to ISPmanager 6 in the near future, we will inform you about that little bit later.

     The transition does not require migration and data shift — it is carried out in a seamless mode as stated by the developer company. 

    We will tell you more about the process of upgrading to the new version later.