Everything you need to know about VPS hosting with ISPmanager 6.

  • 2021-06-16

    VPS hosting with ISPmanager 6

    We are pleased to present you for a new service designed to replace virtual hosting in the form in which you are used to seeing it. A professional solution will support you overcome many problems quickly, simply and as professionally as possible.

Everything you need to know about VPS hosting with ISPmanager 6.

This is the ultimate way to host your site with the ISPmanager 6 control panel. We have combined the simplicity of the usual hosting and the reliability of cloud VPS. 

ISPmanager 6 remain a current version of the popular server control panel from ISPsystem. Thanks to its intuitive interface and excellent functionality, it rapidly gained popularity. It allows you to perform all the necessary actions to ensure the operation of sites, and mailboxes, quickly configure the desired version of PHP and modules using the visual interface, create incremental backups. There is support for free SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt and much more. 

Placement of sites and projects of any complexity without artificial restrictions.

Dedicated resources, superior reliability, qualified support.

Hosting without artificial restrictions:

* Monitoring of mail, availability of services and resources;

    * Extensive functionality for managing the server and user accounts;
 · Training materials;

* Multi-level access rights system;

* Can be used to manage virtual hosting;
 mail server;

    * Open API

    * No restrictions on the number of processes and CPU resources

    * Unlimited number of mailboxes

    * Qualified technical support

    You can explore and order the product at the following link.

    Price list for dedicated servers with ISPmanager 6:

    2 Core4 Core6 Core
    4 GB8 GB12 GB

    50 GB100 GB150 GB
    Price/month14.5 USD34 USD53 USD
    Price per 3 months40.65 USD93.3 USD144.6 USD
    Price per 6 months78.45 USD177.9 USD274.8 USD
    Price per year151.2 USD338.4 USD520.8 USD